Why traffic crawls between Vashi and Koper Khairane?

Travelling on roads of Vashi, which being located in the heart of the city serves as a main market place for many, is becoming a painful agony. This is because almost all the shopkeepers here, especially in Sector 9 have encroached upon every inch of available space to diplay their wares or given it on rent to earn extra moolah. As the footpath is fully encroached and the corner of road is used for parking of vehicles, there is very little space left for pedestrians or traffic to move.
Given the scenario, pedestrians are forced to walk in the middle of the road risking their lives on a daily basis.
The resultant traffic jams are a painful experience. One of our regular readers, Rajesh shares his experience “A couple of weeks back one of my friend met with an accident. Immediately after hearing of this, I along with my office colleague, left our office in Sector 17 Vashi in car. It was around 7 pm and we got caught in peak hour traffic. It took us more than 20 minutes to reach Sector 10 of Koper Khairane. The place is actually five minutes away if one goes there in daytime. Fortunately, by that time my friend who had met with accident, was hospitalized by a good samaritan. Thus his life was saved but suppose if it hadn’t happened like this?”
As many working people reside in Koper Khairane opt to travel from Vashi railway station to Mumbai. In the evening when these people return tired from work, they have to bear with the slow-moving traffic. When contacted the Vashi Ward Officer Ashok Madhavi says, “We organize anti- encroachment drives on a regular basis to ensure that footpaths are kept free for pedestrians”.
A traffic police personnel says, “Our drive of towing away vehicles parked in no- parking zones is always on but as only one layer parking is permitted so we cannot do anything”.
–Jaspal Singh Naol


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  1. Sir,

    I entirely agree with your agony. I am an ordinary housewife, who go to drop and pick up my kids at school. I live in Vashi sector 6 area and my kids go to Fr.Agnel School. I am about to write an issue that is being bothering me for a long time. It is true that footpaths are elobarately enchroaded in our city. Still there are some areas, for instance the entire sector 9, 9-A areas, concentrated with educational institutions, have reasonably open and free footpaths. My complaint is, pedestrians, particularly, students of those institutions, seem to be oblivious of the exsistance of foothpaths. They and the other general public always walk in the middle of the road in hoards, never bothered about the traffic conjestion they cause. Why can’t someone start a ‘FOOTPATH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN’. I even though of printing handouts to be given to all the pedestrians. But is it possible to do it alone. Sir, please advice. Thanks.

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