Study centre awaits opening for 10 years


Study centre awaits opening for 10 years

Believe it or not, a study centre-cum-library which was developed 10 years ago still awaits its opening.
Social worker Varsha Iyer recalls, “On May 5, 2000 a study centre-cum-library was inaugurated for students of SS Type Sector-2 Vashi. The one-storey structure was inaugurated by the then mayor Tukaram Naik in the presence of the then deputy mayor Bholanath Patil, Commissioner Subhashchandra Bhakre, Standing Committee Chairman Sudham Hirwarkar, House Chairman JD Koli,
local Corporator Chandu Rane and many other eminent personalities. However, till date lock of the centre has never been opened”.
Regarding requirement of the study centre, social worker Sandeep Pawar explains, “There are 286 houses in the vicinity having approximately double the number of children. Most of the houses are so small that the only alternative one has is to sit outside the house at a place where there is pin drop silence but that is not at all possible.
The construction of the study centre had brought great joy to us because at that time we were in teens. But to our dismay it never opened. It’s again examination time and requirement of the centre is now much more than before. At least now the corporation must wake up”.
Another social worker of the area Sameer Kudhale adds, “NMMC spends lakhs of rupees in developing study centres but its administration department hardly bothers to check the status of these centres. ‘In a couple of weeks there have been announcements’ of new study centres being opened, but if they too are kept in the same condition, then how can one trust that the administration cares”.
When contacted DMC D.S. Chabukswar said, “He is not aware of the facts but will look into the matter and act accordingly.”

—Jaspal Singh Naol


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