Sewerage pipes need to be replaced

Koper Khairane node was developed 25 years back by CIDCO and since then there has been no renovation of basic infrastructure like sewerage pipes and hence residents have a lot to complain about.
Anand, a resident of Sector 5 says, “Choking of sewerage pipes has become a matter of serious concern for us. It is not just about filthy water but also the resultant bad odour and diseases that come along with it. Such unhygienic conditions allow breeding of mosquitoes and other viruses. This is why in almost every other house here one or the other person is ill”.
Local corporator Ravindra Mhatre informs, “The sewerage pipes were laid 25 years ago. CIDCO had designed the city for accommodating population for the next 15 years. However, it is not only 10 years more since then but today three generations are residing in the same house. Hence if the pipes are not changed we are going to have a big problem in future”.
“There is hardly any society in Sectors 5, 7 and 8 of Koper Khairane which has not been affected by choking or leakage of sewerage pipes. So the pipes of all sectors should be replaced”.

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