Schools not ready to ‘admit’ children of a lesser god

Schools not ready to ‘admit’ children of a lesser god
Making a difference

There is a cry that we hear but choose to ignore. It is the collective cry of million of street children who live or work on the streets. They neither have the comfort and care of living in the warmth of loving families nor the opportunities of growth and eductation.
Jan Vikas Society is engaged in serving such less fortunate children of the society. The objective of the society is ‘working with and for street children towards a better present and a brighter future in a more just and equitable manner’. It strives to offer a decent and holistic care to the street children, imparts formal and informal education to the children who are deprived of the right to education. It also endeavours to re-integrate the children into society by making them independent, self-sufficient and responsible citizens.
Founder-director, Fr. Francis says, “We need to break inter-generational cycles and multiple disadvantages like chronic malnutrition, poor health, illiteracy, poor social status etc and make early intervention to promote participation in community life. It is possible through innovative ways of reaching out in education, care and protection while ensuring good health.”
He informs that 110 children are staying in the society ashram and getting all the facilities. However, there is a problem. “The children need to be educated and if we approach the schools in Navi Mumbai, they are not ready to admit them. I am struggling a lot to get them admitted in the schools. For the past nine years I am approaching CIDCO as well as political leaders to give me a plot to set up schools for these children, but till date I have not got any plot or any assurance regarding the same”.
Jan Vikas Society is imparting training in computers, fabrication, carpentry, welding, tailoring, karate, office assistance etc. to empower the children. Awareness programmes and guidance on HIV/AIDS, family responsibility, civic responsibilities etc. are also run.

Photos by Satish Jadhav story by Jaspal Singh Naol

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