Residents are not aware of the helpline numbers during Disaster

Disaster Management Numbers 02227567060  and  02227567061 running 24×7

Rupees 4000 Crores Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is today fighting to combat Corona Virus, It has been putting all its efforts to ‘Break the Chain’. But unfortunately it has failed to address the People who are paying the Taxes on the basis of which Rupees 4000 Crores are collected. Every individual matters and accordingly one such situation is being shared by us today.

Heavy Rainfall in Mumbai and its suburbs are very general incidents. This is why there is always a huge budget allocated for the Disaster Management Department. Unfortunately the workload of this Department has increased this year, due Pandemic Covid – 19. All the Lockdowns announced are under the Disaster Management rule. While the pressure has also increased on the Health Department and Solid Waste Management. As per the new Commissioner Abhijit Bangar all the departments Officers and Workers are doing their work on their toes and have been ordered to work 24×7. The order was appreciated by the general public but the employees didn’t like it, but they had to obey it.

This is an incident of Jyotindra Kulkarni a resident of Sector 15, CBD Belapur who works in Andheri. It was 23 September 2020 early morning when Kulkarni left his office as usual. It is by 5:15 am he reached the lane of Sarovar Vihar, Sector 15 CBD Belapur. This is the moment when all things went wrong. All of the sudden he found himself in the midst of water. It was raining heavily and High Tide had given the water a new power. The whole lane was filled with the Sea Water. Kulkarni’s Car also stopped moving, he tried a lot to move out his Car, but he was not able to. He got stuck in front of Punit Tower 2 for around three hours.

We all know what had happened in Mumbai during Flood time, especially with those when their cars got stopped working and they got stuck and were also not able to open the car doors. The situation was no different for Kulkarni. However he was lucky enough to reach his home somehow.

The question is what was the Corporation doing during this incident. Why were the NMMC’s disaster team not aware of the incident. Is it that the residents are not aware of the helpline numbers during disaster. Or there is a big gap between Administration and General Public. Whether the Commissioner Abhijit Bangar will bring in new mechanisms for communication with the general public. Or the general public will find their own way out. Its time when Corporation understands the importance of involvement of General public and to stand together and fight during the Pandemic and Natural Calamities. Media too needs to wake up and do awareness and not just silly Politics.       .         .

The NMMC has allocated Two numbers for any such Emergencies wherein one can call and inform about any situation wherein they or someone else has got stuck.

 02227567060  and  02227567061

These numbers are on 24×7. So the first thing you need to do is save these numbers in your mobile phone and in future if anyone needs support, simply dial it. They are there to help you and us 24×7.


22/09/2020, 8:30 am To

23/09/2020, 8.30 am.


Belapur – 278.40 mm

Nerul –    288.50 mm

Vashi –   186.30 mm

Koparkhairne- 182.30 mm

Airoli – 178.80 mm


Average –  222.86 mm


Total rainfall – 3202.74 mm


Morbe Dam rainfall

Daily rain – 84.40 mm

Dam level – 86.40 Mtr

Total rainfall – 2800.20 mm



Tree fall – 02

Fire call – 01

Water logging – 09


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