Register Water complaint of Kharghar and Taloja nodes by contacting CIDCO over Call, SMS, or WhatsApp on 9324950948

CIDCO has appealed to the citizens to register the complaints regarding the water supply in the Kharghar and Taloja nodes by contacting them over call, SMS, or WhatsApp on 9324950948. The tankers can be requested on the same contact number. This contact number has been provided by CIDCO as a part of its initiative to overcome water issue in the Kharghar and Taloja nodes.


The citizens from the Kharghar and Taloja nodes in South Navi Mumbai are given the highest priority as various ambitious projects of CIDCO including the International Airport, Navi Mumbai Metro, NAINA, Mass Housing Scheme, International Corporate Park are being implemented in these nodes. The demand for water in the area is also increasing against the backdrop of the growing population. At present, the water is being supplied to the nodes by CIDCO through Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, MIDC, and through the Hetwane Water Supply Scheme of CIDCO. Considering the increasing population of the area, CIDCO has already taken long term & short term measures to overcome the water supply issue.


In addition to these measures, CIDCO has provided the above mobile number for redressal of water supply grievances as an emergency measure. Citizens of Kharghar and Taloja node can lodge their complaints regarding water supply by contacting this number. Tankers will also be made available as soon as possible if citizens request a tanker on this number.

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  1. We are struggling for water for almost 7-8 months.

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