Being elected representatives of people, corporators are supposed be the link between authorities and people. They are supposed to convey the problems of people to authorities and get them redressed. But unfortunately, residents allege that they prefer to stay mum.
A resident of New Daulat Cooperative Housing Society, sector 16 A Vashi who does not want to disclose his name informs, “It is for the past many years that we, the residents of three Cooperative Housing Societies, are running from pillar to post to just open our windows to get some fresh air. But the stinking smell of the drain and the urinal does not make that possible”.
She says, “We had bought our house at the stretch between MTNL and St Lawrence High School facing the main road with the idea of receiving fresh air. But unfortunately, the huge storm water drain along our society has never been cleaned. Moreover, commuters waiting at the bus stop along this stretch use the open drain to urinate. In such dirty conditions, we can’t ever think of opening a window”.
“During the tenure of Independent corporator Madhavi Vikram Shinde we had asked the corporation to build a public toilet also clean the drain. But our requests went unheard. In April when her husband Vikram Shinde was elected as corporator, we thought that our problems will be resolved now as he is well aware of the fact. But even after eight months our voice has not been raised with NMMC,” says the resident. ” If the Corporation can spend crores of rupees on building a road, then building a small public toilet will hardly need expenditure of Rs one lakh and we will be able to atleast keep our windows open. But it seems our representative has chosen to remain mum before NMMC,” says the resident.
—Jaspal Singh Naol

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