Navi Mumbai Vashi bus terminal’s only public toilet a sink hole

Vashi bus terminal’s only public toilet a sink hole

Vashi Bus Terminal is one of the busiest terminals in Navi Mumbai. Buses from all over Navi Mumbai and Mumbai have to pass through this terminal which means lakhs of people visit the terminal in a day. Sadly, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has developed only one public toilet, which is being run by a private entity.
Social Worker Kesar Singh, who is also a resident of sector 29 Vashi says, “The urinal for both men and women are in a pathetic condition here. Even if you are passing by here you have to cover your nose to avoid the abominable smell”.
“The worst part is that this toilet is just next to the bus stand meant for buses moving towards Mumbai and just on its backside is a Gurudwara. Not just commuters but devotees coming here also have to bear with the abominable stink. This is why one hardly ever thinks of using this urinal,” he says.
“We have approached NMMC to take action against the agency that is responsible to take care of the toilet. Private entities are allowed to charge money to ensure that they maintain the toilets well. Unfortunately, these entities are only interested in making money from thousands of users and not at all interested in keeping the toilets clean and free of stink”.
— Jaspal Singh Naol

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