More seats demanded by Women from NMMT

More seats demanded from NMMT

Considering the rising number of working women in city areas, BEST has increased the number of reserved seats for women while Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) undertaking Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport (NMMT) has not followed suit.
Women activist Sandhya P informs “During peak hours buses are so crowded that women passengers are hard put to find seats. As per the dictum of might is right most male passengers grab seats. Just a month back, BEST has doubled the number of reserved seats for women. This is an appreciable step taken by the undertaking”.
Social worker Preeti Mandal says, “Previously in BEST buses only six seats were reserved for women. Now the number has been doubled to 12 seats. NMMC has been receiving awards for many of its achievements with respect to cleanliness and water supply. However, when it comes to women-friendly services why should it keep mum. Women of Navi Mumbai are no different than those from Mumbai. When the BEST can understand the need of doubling the reserved seats for women in bus then why can’t the NMMC do so in NMMT buses.”
Senior citizen V N Ahire also a resident of Sector-9 says that BEST has also doubled the number of seats for senior citizens from two to four. “As NMMC is the youngest corporation in the state, its undertaking NMMT must therefore not wait so long to implement a good step,” he adds.
—Jaspal Singh Naol

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