Major dearth of public toilets in Navi Mumbai

Major dearth of public toilets in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is one of those cities developed in a very planned manner. Yet it lacks enough number of public toilets.
Social Worker Pravin Kamble says, “According to experts, one toilet seat must be built for 50 people in an urban region. In Navi Mumbai there are 350 public toilets with an approximate 16 seats in each that serves the population of 12 lakh people. That means there is only one seat per the population of 3500.
Social Worker Neetu Singh adds, “Considering the needs of joggers, shoppers, players, etc. the NMMC has developed many new small unisex urinals, which have been built near jogging tracks, market places, play grounds, etc. If one crosschecks, it is found that most of the time these urinals are locked.”
In Vashi, it is the same story. Toilets have been built between the service road from Vashi bus depot to Mini Sea Shore for joggers and walkers. Another one is near the subway between Sector 17 and railway station opposite Otla market meant for commuters as well as shoppers. Another one in front of Navi Mumbai High School on Subhash Chandra Bose play ground is meant for students who practice sports. All of these toilets are found perpetually locked.
Social worker Durga Gudilu says, “Toilets are a must for women as they turn victim to many health related problems if they are not able to access them on time.”
A resident expresses her disgust saying, “In the absence of public toilets men are found littering here and there. This creates unhygienic conditions for nearby residents.”
However, a sanitation officer denies shortage of toilets. “NMMC is the only corporation which has the highest number of public toilets. We have more toilets than needed,” he says.
—Jaspal Singh Naol

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  1. Hello Sir,
    Myself Sheetal Shinde active member of NCP and presently working in Nationalist Yuvati Forum which has been established recently by Hon Supriya Sule. We are presently working on public toilets all over Maharashtra. And in Navi Mumbai as you mentioned all toilets are dead. We are working for public toilets specially for young gals and lasies. The gals who are going in college, schools and offices… I would like to know more information so that we can work on it and do the needful. My email address is

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