Kharghar Yoga Instructor Darshana Chhipani receives Appreciation from Ayush Mantralaya

“Where there is yoga, there is prosperity, success, freedom and bliss”

Today the whole world follows India especially when it comes to ‘Yoga’. Ancient India’s richest culture of Healthy Lifestyle. It is during the Covid 19 period the urban Indians have started adopting the lifestyle that includes Yoga. Yoga is meant for every age, from children to senior citizens anyone to everyone can practise Yoga.

Today there are many Yoga Instructors working day and night and contributing their skill to create Healthy Society. It’s a bit easy task to involve and teach children, youths and middle age people. But when it comes to involve and teach Elders, it needs a special skill and patience.

Under the direction of Ayush Ministry and under the banner of Yoga Vidya Niketan run by Vivekananda Kendra, NARDEP, Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari a special training workshop was organised for Elders. Kharghar based Yoga Instructor Darshana Chhipani have actively trained the Elders to ensure they live a Healthy Life.

Ayush Mantralaya has awarded Yoga Instructor Darshana Chhipani a Certificate of Appreciation for her service as an instructor for Community Yoga Protocol for Elders. Through her valuable experience based contribution to the Society she has enhanced immunity and mobility enriching the well being of Elders.

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