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Music is said to be a divine thing which can annihilate one’s boredom creating a lively, vibrant sense in mind, which is full of life. Although the music psyche of individuals depends upon their own personal likes and dislikes and the interest they cultivate for it, some sort of cohesions can be traced almost in every piece of music.
Pursuing this cohesion at its ultimate height using their own creative aptitude, ‘High’ band of Kharghar has been performing beautifully at various places of the city for many years. It’s due to their deep sense of music and earnest effort of understanding interest of the people, ‘High’ has become a popular among the city residents.Background
A band of four members, ‘High’ was started with the objective of helping those who want to create awareness about various issues for the benefit of the common man. Harpal Singh Naol (25), the lead guitarist of the band said, “Benefit of the society is our ultimate goal and we try to gather music lovers at the events which are intended to motivate the people for a noble cause. Keeping our objective intact, we have been performing at various social and political events of the city.”

City and Industrial development Corporation (CIDCO) garden of Kharghar, Mahesh Hotel of Belapur, Vashi railway station premises are some of the places, where the band has performed. Harpal said, “I, Kapil, Suraj and Sahil consensually decide where to perform and proceed accordingly. Apart from guitar, I also play keyboard, Kapil and Suraj are the vocalists and also play guitar, while Sahil is the drummer. We have also performed two times at Bhagt Singh rallies of Bealpur and at the summer camps of some schools of Navi Mumbai.
“I play both acoustic and electric guitar as I am convenient with the both. Even I have performed solo at some events, when other members were not around. Not only that, I also teach guitar in my spare time, and I have 10-12 students, who are learning from me as of now,” he added.

Future plans
Talking about their future plans, Harpal said, “We are planning to perform in the schools and colleges of the city, through which we entertain and motivate the young students for doing something good for the society. To make a video of our live performance is one of our short term goals.”
“We are always ready to perform at any social and cultural programme through which we can satisfy our desire of entertaining the people and thus, serving the society at large,” he concluded.

Harpal Singh Naol can be contacted on 9323088772

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