Growing garages in and around the prime lanes of Vashi are making roads filthy. Even the footpaths are sparred by these garages, making the life of pedestrians miserable. This has also started creating traffic mess in the busy city.
Navi Mumbai Sector 17 and Sector 26 along Palm Beach road of Vashi are two regions of great economic importance. Which is why, the number of pay and park garages are growing day-by-day. They are even constructed on the street defacing the city. Under the Pay and Park rules, the vehicles can be parked along the road side. However, with the rising garages the roads are left with oils spills. The garbage thrown here and there is adding to the woes of Sector 17 residents.
Kavita M, an employee says, “It may be surprising but it’s a true fact that just few months back the NMMC in coordination with Traffic Police had ensured that no traffic chaos is created due to irregular parking system at J K Chambers and Vardhaman Market. But due to the poor follow up of the authorities, the defacing continues. People still park their vehicles as they want and garage people are throwing all the waste on the road.”
“This filth is left for the day and NMMC Ghanta Gadi, which comes at night, takes away the garbage. It’s becoming difficult to go even to food counters to have food. The garage managing boys also stare at you and will leave some unpleasant comments,” says one of the women working in the commercial complex under anonymity.
“Things are worst at Sector 26, along the Palm Beach Road, as long run vehicles pass through this region. Here, the vehicles are often found parked at the footpaths instead of road, hardly leaving any space for the pedestrian to move,” says Saif Khan, a resident of Koper Khairane.
One traffic officer says, “We organise regular towing in and around garage line of Sector 17 and 26 to ensure that no such illegal parking is done. If any vehicle is found illegally parked we tow it.”

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