Green Woods Kharghar Construction Workers Life at Stake

By Jaspal  Singh Naol – 8655447929

Navi Mumbai: Navi Mumbai is said to be a 21st Century City. But when it comes to safety during the construction of making the City, it acts like a stone age city. Wherein the Builders and developer violates almost all the safety and precaution measures required for the labours.
One of such construction is going on of Green Woods project at Plot No. 9-13, 13A, 13B, Sector-35E, Kharghar. It is being developed by Proviso Group (Partnership firm of Brij Mohan Gupta, Suman Gupta and Kashish Gupta), Rekhi Sai Realty, Galaxy Group (Also known as BKS Galaxy Realtors Pvt Ltd Partnership firm of Brij Gupta, Kuldip Singh Dayal Singh Rekhi and Sanjay Motilal Gawande). Tricity Realty (Owned by Savinder Singh Devinder Singh Lamba, Kulbir Singh Dayal Singh Rekhi, Manish Srichand Pardasani, Angad Kulbirsingh Rekhi and Arjun Kulbir Rekhi) is a sister concern of BKS Galaxy Realtors and Rekhi Sai Realtors.
Greenwoods is a G+30 storey residential cum commercial building consisting of 3bhk, 2bhk luxurious flats. The expected Project revenue is Rs 200 Crore while the Construction Cost is Rs 65 Crore. The company states that the project was commenced in 2015 and was supposed to complete in 2017. However as per the detail found in a property based online website the completion date mentioned for ‘Galaxy Greenwoods’ the former name of ‘Green Woods’ is stated as 2012. The slow pace work has led to the delay of project for years. It may also be noted that as per the CIDCO’s Assessment Order the Architect had applied thrice ie. on 29 June 2012, 04 September 2015 and 22 September 2015. It is on 30 October 2015 finally it received Commencing Certificate on 30 October 2015 stating Land Use as Residential and 1.5 FSI wherein the estimated cost of construction was stated as approx Rs 52.35 crores.  However as per the declaration in RERA it has been published as Proposed Date of Completion 31 December 2019 and Revised Proposed Date of Completion as 31 December 2020.
The Raigad District Collector Dr. Vijay Namdeo Suryawanshi (IAS), CIDCO MD IAS officer, Lokesh Chandra, Assistant Commissioner of Labour S. B. Bagal, PCMC Commissioner Ganesh Deshmukh,  all the corporations has turn a blind look, for not just this construction site, but to each and every construction works happening in the city.
On site Accident and Accidental deaths are happening but hardly any compensation is provided to these labours. As they work on daily wages and do not comply any benefits, such as health insurance, accident insurance, etc.
The most needed safety measures are as follows Protective gloves, Safety Shoes, Hard Head (Helmet) Hearing protection, Full face shields when cutting, grinding, or chipping, Chemical splash googles, Respiratory protection, Fall protection equipment when working above 6 feet like Guardrails, Bright Neon Coloured Safety Vests, Personal Fall Arresting Systems, Positioning Device Systems, Safety Monitoring by a Competent Person, Warning Line Systems
Covers, Safety Net Systems, etc.
Whensoever inquire to any builders and developers why no safety measures are taken they deny the facts and have a common say “We do provide but the labours don’t want to use it”.
Until the government agencies wake up the Life of thousands of Construction Workers will always be on stake.

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