FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders

New initiative to increase the number of women in civil society top leadership positions launches on 8 March

FAIR SHARE calls on all civil society organisations (CSOs) to match the percentage of women in leadership positions to the percentage of women in their staff. Ten international CSOs already committed to this goal, including Amnesty International, Oxfam, CARE, Plan International and Transparency International.

As there was no up to date information on women’s representation in CSOs available, we started to look into the number of women on staff and leadership in CSOs respectively. Many organisations have a majority of women working from them but this majority often is not reflected in the top leadership. This means, that a talented woman is less likely to make her way to the top than an equally talented man. Women do not get their FAIR SHARE of leadership positions in CSOs.   

Internationally operating CSOs, committed to gender equality as part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals should ensure gender equality not only within their programmes but also within their own organisations.

FAIR SHARE wants to secure adequate representation of women leaders by regularly monitoring and publishing progress towards appropriate representation in CSO leadership. FAIR SHARE will also start building a community of women and men to mobilise support and create a global network for FAIR SHARE in the civil society sector.

FAIR SHARE launches its first FAIR SHARE Monitor on 8 March, presenting a unique set of data about the representation of women in CSO top leadership. Most of the CSOs reviewed do not yet have a FAIR SHARE of women leaders in their leadership. Among the findings:

In 19 out of 30 reviewed organisations, women are a minority on Boards; 10 Boards have only one third or fewer women members and 1 Board doesn’t have any women members.

In the Senior Management Teams of 15 organisations, women leaders are a minority; 6 SMTs have only one third or fewer women leaders and 2 Senior Management Teams don’t have any women leaders.

Only 8 organisations currently have a FAIR SHARE of women leaders.

“Achieving a FAIR SHARE of women leaders within civil society organisations should be a priority for us all”, appeals Caroline Kende-Robb, Secretary General of CARE International in her statement for FAIR SHARE. “As feminists, we need to commit to redistributing the imbalanced power structures that for far too long have benefitted men at the expense of women”, states Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International, on why he commits to increase the number of women leaders in his organisation by 2030.

Ten organisations have already committed to achieving a FAIR SHARE by 2030 at the latest. The FAIR SHARE Monitor will be updated every year.

All CSOs, their leadership and staff are invited to join the initiative to achieve a FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders in their organisations.

FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders is a charitable association (e.V.), registered in Germany. It received seed funding from Ise Bosch, a German philanthropist.


Twitter: @fair_wl

Mail: hello@fairsharewl.org

Phone: +49 176 2333 4886

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