Dr. Ellis appointed as National Spokesperson of Christian Ekta Manch

Dr. Ellis appointed as National Spokesperson of Christian Ekta Manch

The city witnessed another milestone which has taken Navi Mumbai to the National level when the Christian Ekta Manch (CEM) elevated their Legal Advisor Dr Ellis Jayakar to the post of National Spokesperson on the National Board.

Dr. Ellis Jayakar was awarded the post by Dr. Prabhudas Dupte, CEM Founder and National President, Sushila Pallicha, National President, CEM Women Cell, Vishwas Bhosale, CEM National Joint Secretary, and Dr. Joshua Gamango, CEM Delhi State President. Speaking during the event Dr. Dupte expressed, “Dr. Ellis has been working with different denominations in the past and we are sure that he will be able to have a greater impact on National level as our National Spokesperson.”

Dr. Ellis received appreciation and good will from various organisations across India, especially from Captain Ibrahim Patankar, Secretary, Muslim Welfare and Educational Trust, Sayyed Akbar, Vice President, BJP Minority Cell, Maharsahtra State, Ramchandra Aaba Dalvi, General Secretary, Congress Maharashtra Pradesh, Former MLA Sandeep Naik, Retired IAS Officer and Shiv Sena Leader Vijay Nahata, Dr Benny Prasad, Musician and Guinness World Record Holder, Michael Ferns, Founder and Chairman of Goa Citizens Welfare Trust, Manjula Hiremath, Secretary, Sharan Sankula Charitable Society, Navi Mumbai, Jaspal Singh Naol, Environmentalist and others.

Talking to Dr. Prabhudas Dupte, National President (CEM), he said “The Executive board seeing Dr. Ellis Jayakar’s commitment to the Christian community and above all his association with all the other communities felt that he is the right choice for post of National Spokesperson. He will continue to be the National Advisor too. Dr. Ellis is very well known in the whole of India through his untiring work to help various Churches. He has been working with different denominations in the past and we are sure that he will be able having a greater impact at all India as our Spokesperson. The work he does through The Christian Observer, Christian community’s pioneer newspaper since two decades is phenomenal and unprecedented for the Christian Community. His association with me is for over a decade and even now when we met he had a burning desire to address the issues pertaining to the Christian Community and how the community should be blessed and in detail discussions as to how the community could be a blessing to the society and the nation especially during this pandemic crisis.”

On contacting Dr. Ellis, he said “This is only God’s grace and am humbled by this appointment. I pray that the Lord would continue to give me the strength to do the best not only to the Christian community but all His people according to His will.”

Regarding the future plans for India, he said “The initial plans would be to set up Chapters in different States and also educate the community of various benefits that can be availed from the State and the Central government. As the National Spokesperson, I would take up different issues with the state and the central government as and when needed. The main issue is New Burial grounds in different states of India. It has come to my knowledge that old grounds are overflowing and need for new land is a must. Above all I would like to work towards communal harmony and unite together to serve so that we would have a better and transformed India in future.”

Talking to Mrs. Sushila Pallicha, National President (Women), she said “Seeing Dr. Ellis’s selfless work for the community at large in the past and his zeal to help everyone no matter what religion has indeed made him the right choice for the N.S. post. May God bless him and give him the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to take the CEM forward.”

“On behalf of the CEM, we would like to congratulate Dr. Ellis on being appointed to this valuable post. We are confident that our suggestions will be taken up very seriously at the state and central level. God bless him and give him strength” said Vishwas Bhosale, National Joint Secretary, CEM
Capt. Ibrahim Patankar, Secretary, Muslim Welfare and Educational Trust congratulated Dr. Ellis and said “our support would be there with all his endeavors as we have known him for over 3 decades.”

“We are happy that Dr. Ellis has been chosen has the National Spokeperson. We wish him all the best” said Dr. Joshua Gamango, State President (Delhi).

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