MIM’s Haji Shahnawaz Khan asked for a written reply

It has been found that many Students who are still studying and getting trained to become doctors are treating patients who are coming to the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Trust, run Hospital in Kamothe. Many patients are under the threat of dying. As, even before the report of the corona patient is being released by the hospital, the Students are doing their Treatment. The AMIM, Students Wing, Kokan Division Observer Haji Shahnawaz Khan, has asked for a written reply from the management to reveal the truth of the matter.  A copy of his quest has also been sent to the Chief Minister, Home Minister, Health Minister, Education Minister and Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
As per the Haji Shahnawaz the MGM Hospital Administration is playing with the lives of the patients by treating corona patients using Student Doctors. Experienced doctors at MGM Hospital can treat the Corona epidemic properly, but unfortunately the corona patients are being treated by the Student Doctors. This is a wrong practise being done by the MGM administration. We and the People should know the real truth. Accordingly he has handed over a letter to the MGM Administration and also warned them to take relevant steps for the safety of Patients as well as Students and also give about the same.

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