Check the milk you drink!

A gang of vendors involved in milk adulteration has been nabbed by Navi Mumbai police at Shiravne village. The vendors were operating from Shiravne and Darave villages. Police was able to seize around 300 litres of adulterated milk and arrested six members.
As a consumer the way you can give the boot to such vendors is by testing the milk yourself. Here are your pointers:

When pure milk is rubbed on to the palm, it doesn’t form foam, but the synthetic milk does.
o Pure milk remains white in storage, while synthetic milk turns pale yellow when stored and heated a few times.
o Experts advise that while purchasing milk bags ensure that the bags are clean and their edges are intact.
Many NGOs sell special kits to detect milk adulteration. Consumer Guidance Society of India (CSGI) in kharghar can be contacted on Tel: 2262 1612 Fax : 2265 9715 E-mail :

Food adulteration is a non-bailable and a cognisable offence in Maharashtra since January last year after an amendment to the Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Act came into effect.
o The amendment, which gives Maharashtra police powers to arrest anyone on suspicion, is primarily aimed at curbing milk adulteration.

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