Builders compel CHS flat buyers to pay twice

Builders always find tactics to exploit property buyers. Due to their nexus with politicians and bureaucrats, buyers are levied a huge amount just for transfer of the house they buy.
Rajan Iyer, a resident informs, “Builders usually purchase plots from CIDCO under the title of Co-Operative Housing Society. And later sell flats built on the same. By the time all the flats are occupied it takes more than two years. It is only after this long period that the occupants get entry into housing society register. But to do so the builder has to hand over Property Conveyance to the newly formed society, which means the legal transfer of property from one owner to another. The entire process ensures that the purchaser actually owns all the property, land and rights that have been paid for”.
VN Ahire, President of JN4 Type Sector 9 informs, “Unfortunately, builders do not hand over Conveyance papers easily, leaving the cooperative society members in the lurch”. T N Ganpathy, secretary, of JN 4 Type, Sector 9, Vashi, explains the reason. “If the conveyance is handed over to society, it can provide NOC for transfer of room at a nominal charge of Rs 25,000 and so depending on terms and conditions of the society. But if the builder has not handed over the conveyance, to society, it allows the builder to charge the owner or buyer anything above Rs one lakh for the same. In other words, it means earning from customers to whom they have already sold the house. And the poor buyer is forced to pay to get the flat transferred in her/his name”.
Ahire adds, “It is not so that there is no law to stop such exploitation, instead there is a court order that builders must hand over the conveyance to the society at the earliest. But neither the State Government nor the local bureaucrats are willing to put any pressure on builders to stop exploitation of buyers”.
— Jaspal Singh Naol

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