Appeal for depositing national flag

The Shaheed Naman Va Janjagruti Samiti, an autonomous body of Navi Mumbai scribes has appealed to residents to donate the national flag.
Nagmani Pandey, a convener of the committee says, “On the occasion of Independence Day and Republic Day people buy national flag to pin on their shoulder or chest. Many a time these fall on street and get crushed under the feet of passersby. This is a big insult to our national flag. Hence residents should please collect all flags found on street and call us after August 20. Our volunteers will approach and collect the flags. One can even donate flags to us so that they can be reused. Last year we had received few flags from different nodes of Navi Mumbai, which were reused. We believe this way we will not only be able to show the spirit of patriotism but also save nature”.
Pandey adds, “One can donate flags by simply giving a call at 9322379123”.

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