An Impressive success for an eye opener RDP on identification of fake publication

Participants are from different countries and continents

Navi Mumbai: An online International Research Development Convention was hosted by Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research (BVIMSR) on the theme “Identification of Fake, Forged, Cloned and Predatory journals. Over 650 participants were for the convention were from almost 12 countries and from 4 continents.

The key speaker for this convention was well renowned Dr. Sumit Narula who is Deputy Dean Research (Publications and Citations) at Amity University Gwalior who has provided a genuine insight on this burning and provoking issue for academicians, editors and publishers alike. He had described some techniques and rules for the identification of these unethical traps, which was appreciated by the participants.

From many years authors and writers were frustrated when they came to know that their efforts gone to vain as their research papers and articles have been published in either of the fake or cloned journals.

The convention was inaugurated by Dr. Anjali Kalse, Directors of BVIMSR who in her inaugural speech highlighted some of the varied techniques of trapping adopted by the miscreants. Dr. Vilasrao Kadam, Regional Director, Bharati Vidyapeeth Navi Mumbai campus provided all the necessary support for smooth conduct of the convention.

Dr. Narula who has established his credentials in identification and detection of fake news and disinformation, has also shared his varied experiences in the detection of such mischiefs.

Prof. Satya S. Ranjan, Dr. Uma Durgude, and Prof. Sameer Sonawane were the organizers for this RDP and has received much applause for smoothly conduction of this eye opening convention. Participants requested to organize such programs on regular intervals for the benefit of academicians and research enthusiasts.

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