Kharghar : The Arijit Singh Musical Concert held at Central Park, Kharghar on April 5 received an overwhelming response and was thronged by 10,000 enthusiastic fans on Sunday, April 5. The event also saw the singer along with Nehal Thakkar, Founder Red Letters honouring National Heroes Shri. Prem Ale and Shri. Suresh Karkis from the ‘The Parapelgic Rehabilitation Center, Pune, for their recent win at the Spanish tournament for the paraplegics.


Arijit Singh Navi Mumbai Lifestyles The States ConcertThe melodious voice of Arijit Singh left the audience spell-bound and brought Navi-Mumbai to life. The 26-year old Arijit Singh was overwhelmed by the audience participation response at the concert and said “I feel honoured to receive a response like this in Mumbai. As Mumbai is the hub for celebs and artists and there are concerts happening in great numbers, this kind of response today leaves me speechless.”  Nehal Thakkar, Founder, Red Letters Inc. said, “We would like to thank entire Mumbai for such a great participation, without the support of the fans this event would not have been a success.”


Arijit Singh Navi Mumbai Lifestyles The States Concert 1The event went on till 10:00 P.M and Arijit Singh performed back to back numbers, including his scintillating hits namely “Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho” from Citylights (2014), “Laal Ishq”, “Chahoon Main Ya Na” and “Tum Hi Ho” , “Phir Mohabbat” songs and many more among others.


About Red Letter Inc. –Red Letters is Navi Mumbai’s premier concerts organising agency with extensive experience in organising LIVE concerts and events. Red Letters Inc. offers a host of services including Musical LIVE Concerts, Fashion Shows, Road shows and Entertainment Events, among numerous others.

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