Yipee! Navi Mumbai to host first ODI match

Yipee! Navi Mumbai to host first ODI match

The state-of-the-art D Y Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai which had earned praise during the first Indian Premier League in 2008, is now all set to host the seventh and final ODI between India and Australia on November 11. Vijay Patil, president of D Y Patil Sports Association says, “Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has chosen the stadium as the venue for the final match of the series considering its capacity of accommodating 55,000 spectators. Its capacity exceeds even Cricket Club of India stadium in south Mumbai”.
The stadium has been designed keeping spectator comfort in mind. Every spectator gets a bucket seat. There are no pillars obstructing views of the ground. Two giant LED screens – the biggest in India – provide scores, replays and other information. One can also make an informed decision about where one wants to view the action from by visiting the online seating plan section which provides views from every part of the stadium. The stadium roof is made from fabric imported from Germany. It is India’s first and largest fabric roof. No wonder the stadium is designed to be earthquake-proof, with fire-fighting and evacuation facilities.
Speaking on the security measures he said, “Spectators will be monitored by a network of digital cameras producing images of very high quality, which will be sent to security agencies. Axis cameras (the product of a Sweden-based company), like the ones installed in Mons-Bergen football stadium in Belgium, have been installed for the first time in India. The surveillance system is highly advanced when compared to conventional CCTVs. It will be supported by the security team of special committee formed jointly by MCA and Maharashtra Police. When pointed out that teams, during the IPL last year were reluctant to travel from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai, a distance of over 30 kms, to play at the stadium he said “The scenario is changing fast in Navi Mumbai.
The number of five-star hotels has also increased and hence providing accommodation in nearby vicinity for two teams is not a problem at all.”
Giving details on the quality of the ground Patil informs “For the ground, 250 tonnes of clay has been imported from South Africa. The pitch was prepared based on the advice and guidance of professors Neil Tainton and John Klug, also of South Africa. Stadiums around India typically have outfields made from red soil. When it rains, the outfield tends to become sluggish and heavy. To minimize the interruption because of rain, the outfield is sand based. A completely concealed underground drainage system helps quickly remove water. A nursery ground with 10 practice pitches is also on the campus of the DYPSA.”
As the match is a day and night one so the lighting system has to be super-effective too. He says, “The masts are the tallest in the country, providing excellent lighting throughout the ground. Moreover, the high-quality illumination ensures that the stadium is adequately prepared for the latest television technologies such as HDTV (High Definition TV). Permanent diesel generators have been installed to ensure uninterrupted power supply during games”.
Patil says given the state-of the art facilities and features the stadium has been ranked the sixth-best cricket venue in the world by the British Architectural Journal.
The tickets are available online at http://www.kyazoonga.com/ and one can also check the seating arrangement at http://www.dypsa.in/ . Ticket counters will also be open at the venue. Tickets are available ranging from Rs. 500 to 2,000 for general public. There are 60 spacious corporate boxes on the upper level of viewing galleries with tickets costing Rs.10,000 each for group booking. Spectators will receive the best hospitality with adequate number of food courts catering from Vada Pav to burgers and lots more.

Given the state-of the art facilities and features, the stadium has been ranked the sixth-best cricket venue in the world by the British Architectural Journal.
—Vijay Patil

—Jaspal Singh Naol

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