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The Ghanta Gadi system is believed to be a boon for solid waste management, but residents of Sector 21 in Kharghar claim that the unearthly hours when Ghanta Gadis arrive to collect garbage, has made them a nuisance for the whole neighbourhood.
Initially, when the Ghanta Gadi system was initiated, it was welcomed by residents because they were saved the inconvenience of going out and dumping their garbage on roadside.
Initially the Ghanta Gadis used to come on time but now their service has turned shoddy. Conservancy workers who come on Ghanta Gadis neither wear gloves nor have proper masks. But the worst part is non timely service.
Residents of all cooperative housing societies have to keep their garbage buckets on gate the whole day just waiting for the Ghanta Gadi to arrive and take away the garbage. “This is not only very unhygienic but it also tarnishes the image of societies,” says a resident.
Social Worker Vishal Malhotra of SAYA and a resident of Omkar CHS in Sector 21 says “For the past few days we are being woken up after midnight by the sound of Ghanta Gadi. This disturbance occurs every night. The timings are so odd that even if we want we don’t dare go out and tell Ghanta Gadi workers not to come at such odd time”.
Aastha Deshmukh a resident of Ridhi CHS says, “CIDCO is just busy in selling plots and flats and making money. It is not at all worried about the problems faced by residents. They never fail to collect taxes but provide such a poor service”.
— Jaspal Singh Naol

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