What is there for children? No playgrounds, no gyms…no libraries, no study centres

Children are said to be the future of a nation. As Nov 14, celebrated in the country as Children’s Day, is round the corner, it would be pertinent to look at the facilities children of Navi Mumbai are getting for their physical growth and mental development. Triptesh Shetty, former football player says, “Navi Mumbai is said to be the city of 21st century. However, when it comes to serving children and young adults it has a long way to go. CIDCO the developing authority of Navi Mumbai claims that they have provided the best amenities for denizens. However, playgrounds which are very essential for the development of sports have been allotted to schools. These schools do not allow neighbourhood children to enter except at late night and on Sundays. Thus talented localites, who need to practise and train are deprived of space for the same”.
Deepti Jathar, a cricketer complains, “Girls have to face lots of physical problems and there is always the need for a toilet near the playground. A few years back a small toilet was built next to Subhash Chandra Bose Play Ground opposite New Bombay High School, Sector 1, Vashi, however till date it has been kept closed.”
Social worker Kishore Biswas adds, “In Navi Mumbai there are very few government and private libraries where children can sit and study. There are hardly two such libraries in each node where a student can sit and study with maximum capacity of fifty at a time. That means for the 125000 students of Navi Mumbai there are only 12 such libraries. It may be shocking but true that for every 10000 students there are only 50 seats available to study”.
Another social worker Praful Mhatre informs, “In SS type, Sector 2, Vashi a library was built 10 years ago. It was inaugurated and closed. Till date it has not been opened for students to study”.
Vijay Walunj, resident of Sector 16 informs “Each year crores of rupees are spent for developing multipurpose buildings in each sector. These buildings are meant to have a gym, study centre and a hall for cultural programmes. However if you visit these buildings you will hardly find a few there as the corporation never popularizes such buildings and most of the time they are only used for organizing cultural events.”
— Jaspal Singh Naol


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