Surprised? Yes, you clothes reflect power – not the power you have, but the “power” you have used.

Did you know that the clothes we wear are also polluting our rivers, destroying crops, making dead zones in the seas and most importantly, increasing global warming?

How is this happening?

Clothes and other textiles can affect the environment to varying degrees throughout their life cycles. Before textiles reach the consumer, they have gone through many different chemical processes. They may be treated with chemicals to dye them, make them more hardwearing or wrinkle-resistant, or less flammable. Some flame retardants that are used in certain textiles contain organic bromine compounds that break down very slowly in the environment, hence last much longer.

Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic or may cause harm to children even before birth. Others may trigger allergic reactions in some people.

All textiles processes have an impact on the environment. The industry uses large amounts of natural resources such as water, while many operations use chemicals and solvents. All companies use energy, produce solid waste, discharge effluent and emit dust, and toxic gases into the atmosphere.

The clothes we wear like everything else we use today in the modern day – use power or electricity and also energy – in the making of the thread / yarn, the making of the cloth, packaging, marketing, merchandising until it comes to you.

That would mean, use of gas and coal for making electricity to run the machines, making plastic for packaging and use of petrol for transportation; which in turn means more coal mining, oil drilling, more thermal power plants or nuclear power plants or large dams to produce more “power” or electricity and to have more “power” for transportation.

And what does all this mean? Increase in Green house Gases and Global Warming.

The greatest problem that each and every one of us is facing today is Global Warming.

The planet is in peril – the green house gases Carbon dioxide and Methane among others are increasing day by day, trapping the sun’s heat on the earth. Thus, the earth is warming up. Our glaciers are melting and if this goes on unchecked very soon, i.e., within the next twenty years or so, our perennial rivers like Ganga, Brahmaputra will dry out. The sea levels are already rising and will rise further submerging the coastal areas. In many parts of India and even in Andhra Pradesh, coastal villages have started to disappear under the sea. Not just this, flash floods have increased and as we saw last year, lakhs of acres of crops were lost under water. If this continues we will be facing a water and food crisis. And future wars will be fought for water and the day may not be far when we see people killing each other for a morsel of food.

So, is there a way out?

Yes, there is – Reducing our carbon foot prints – using low energy alternatives –Handloom and Khadi.

While Handloom clothes use mill made yarn, the rest of the process is entirely hand made, Khadi is a totally hand made cloth – right from spinning of the yarn to production of the cloth. Thus, low energy or no energy is used in this entire process.

Besides being eco-friendly, these clothes generate employment. Handloom is one of the three largest Employment generating sectors in India along with agriculture and retail. There is a total of 3 crore people dependent on Handloom sector.

Indian Handloom fabrics, were extremely famous the world over and were considered the best fabrics the world ever produced. However, today, Handloom is not valued by our own people. The market for Handloom is shrinking, forcing many skilled craftsmen and women to seek labour work elsewhere and some others, unable to bear the poverty are committing suicides. So, if we switch our choice to Handloom and Khadi, not only do we save these lives, but we can encourage more people to take up this craft.

We, the consumers, have the “power” to change the situation – to better their lives and to protect our environment and thus, our own Future. By using low energy Handloom and Khadi, we reduce the need to produce more Electricity, meaning, we need not set up more Power projects, need not displace any more people, need not disturb our environment, nor destroy people’s lives.

Make a Choice Today

Use your “Power” to Save lives &

Save our future.


Issued in Public Interest


National Alliance of People’s Movements (AP Chapter)

204, GKR Mansion, 6-1-89, Saifabad, Hyderabad – 500004

Phone – 9866887299 /9989830711/ 9849718364

Handloom Selling Shops – (This list is not exhaustive, if you know addresses of Authentic Handloom stores, please update this list)

KHADI – Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya – Vedchi – Gujerat, phone – 02625-220074

DESI – a store in Bangalore. (Please check the address).

Sl.No Name of the store Address Phone/fax Email/Website
1 Yamini interiors Pvt. Ltd. 11/2, Haudin Road, Ulsoor, Banglore-560 042 51134781(P*) 51134781(P**) ymnibir@vsnl.com
2 Anokhi B-1, B-2, B-3, Leela Galleria, The Leela Palace, Airport Road, Benguluru 25217491 www.anokhi.com
3 Tree of life 1132, 100ft Road, Indranagar, Bangalore-38 51153131 treeoflifebangalore@hotmail.com
4 Inexcess 277, 13th Cross, 5th main, C.M.H. Double Road, Indranagar, Bangalore-560038 5201791 inexcezz@rediffmail.com
5 Lifestyle boutique restaurant 100ft Boutique Restaurant 777/1,10ft Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indranagar,
Bangalore 560 008
25277752, 25278626 rendezvousimpex@india.com
6 Things No. 294, 1st Floor, 7th Cross,Above Corportion Bank, Dolmur Layout, Bangalore-560 071 25356678 things@bgl.vsnl.net.in
7 Dwarka A Kalamkari Showroom
18/1A, Belary Road,
3612265 dwarakalam@yahoo.com
8 Ethnic weave 1st Floor, Safina Plaza, Infantry Road, Bangalore-560 001. 5320748
9 Fabline No.32, Osborne Road, Bangalore- 560 042 25548873. fabline9@hotmail.comFrst
10 Eka 19 Gangadhar Chetty Road,
Bangalore 560 042
25544371 firstmoon@vsnl.com
11 Auro Astha 16, Victoria Road, 2nd Cross, Chennai 25363405
12. FabIndia Ilford House,3,
Woods Road,
Chennai 600 002
52158026 (F)
13. The Design Store 79 C.p. Ramaswamy Road, Chennai 600018 24997157(P)
14. Fabric Touch 570, Anna salai, Teynampet, Chennai – 600 018 2431 0516(P)
15. Contemporary Arts and Crafts 45, C. P. Ramaswamy Road
Chennai -18

16. Seams Natural 11/55, Greenways Road, R.A. Puram,
Chennai -600 028
2461 0629(P)
17. Nalli New N0. 101, Pondy Bazar, T Nagar, Chennai 2434 4347(P)
18. Shilpi 1, Gee Gee Minar 23, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 2828 2603(P)
19. Encore Alsa Regency 165 Eldams Road, Chennai 2435 7673(P)
20. Maurya 41, Nunganbakkam High Road, Chennai -600 034 28232875(P) kameseshgupta@eth.net.
21. Prana D6, 6h Street, Anna Nagar East, Chennai -600 102 5217 0077 indigo.inc@vsnl.com
22 Kilol Fabrics Pvt. Limited 31, hauz khas Village, 1st Floor, New Delhi 110 016 26531974(P) kilol_jaipur@yahoo.com
22 Good Earth Verandah Ambawatta Complex, Mehrauli village Road, New Delhi- 110 030 2664 6466(P)
2664 1608(P)
23 Sumrita

24 Shyam Ahuja 27, M-Block Market, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi-110 048 29215215(P)
25 People tree 8, Regal Building, Parliament Street New Delhi- 110001 3744877(P)
26 The Shop 10, Regal Building, New Delhi- 110 001 334 0971 (P)
334 2575 (F)
27 Super Cloth Store M-23A, Greater Kailash-I, New Dehli- 110048 26410373(P) mgupta_scs@yahoo.co.in
28 Zeba C-1, Near M-Block Market, Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi-110 048 5163 1448(P)

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