Weekly water shut down for certain period in Kharghar, Ulwe and Dronagiri

Due to maintenance works undertaken by CIDCO for improving the water supply distribution system in Kharghar, Ulwe and Dronagiri nodes there will be a weekly water shut down for 24 hours for certain period of time starting from 19 th September 2021.
As per the schedule declared by CIDCO there will be no supply of water in Dronagiri and MJP (JNPT) on Sunday, 08.00 am to Monday 07.00 am Kharghar node on Monday 08.00 am to
Tuesday 07.00 am, in Ulwe node on Tuesday 08.00 am to Wednesday 07.00 am. CIDCO has appealed to the citizens in these nodes to take note of this and store adequate water on
previous day and cooperate with CIDCO.


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