Vashi residents say no to underground water meters

Residents of Vashi demand that underground water meters should be installed overground by NMMC administration as they pose a serious health hazard.
R M Pokale, resident of Sector-9 says, “Water meters in our society have been buried underground and covered with plastic. Most of these meters are very close to the ‘sewerage drainage chamber’ and this is what creates problem. During rainy season, all these meters get filled with dirty water, rendering them unreadable. We wonder how NMMC meter readers are able to read them. Moreover, given the proximity of drinking water with drainage water, the possibility of mixing becomes high”.
“In the interest of public health, I requested NMMC water department as well as ward office authorities to re-locate the meters above ground. With that not only reading them would be easier but the possibility of unhygienic conditions would also be removed,” he adds.
Pradeep Raj, resident of Sector-9 Vashi says, “All the meters are filled with mud and are home to pests like ants and rats. These pests enter our homes and we have to periodically arrange for pest control drives. NMMC supplies water of good quality which does not need to be boiled or filtered. But here we have to use a filter and when this filter machine is serviced, it looks as if it is filled with gutter water”.
Jagdish Naik another resident of the society wonders, “How are NMMC meter readers able to take reading when nothing is visible. It seems they have learnt the art of giving readings on the basis of assumptions”.
On being contacted, concerned officials expressed ignorance in the matter. They agreed to organize a visit and solve the problem.

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