It won’t be an exaggeration of truth to say Navi Mumbai’s malls are unsafe. In second of its kind incident, a 7-year-old girl had sustained electrical shock in one of the major malls in the city.
The word ‘safety’, is probably missing from dictionary of big mall owners of Navi Mumbai. Just a couple of week ago, a 7-year-old girl had sustained electrical shock in the In Orbit Mall and it is repeated now at Raghuleela Mall. In the former incident the manager put the blame on the little girl and said that it was the fault of the girl to touch an open wire.
Minkshi Ughade, one of the regular visitors of Raghu-leela Mall, says, “I and my family members are regular visitors of Raghuleela Mall and we are very fond of playing amusement games there. Much to my surprise, I have been to the mall twice last week. I and my would be husband started playing games. As we entered to the Pool Game, we read the rates and it was written Rs 50 per frame. But, when we asked for the frame, they denied stating that they had stopped the service. If one wants to play will have to pay Rs 150 for an hour of Pool Game. When we enquired, it was found that the rates were changed as per the orders of the manager six months ago. However, the question arises, why they are displaying the faulty rate outside the Pool Game centre.”
She further says, “We than moved to play some other amusement games and we approached the dashing car there were only two cars working properly. As we went in a big group so we decided to go for some other plays. We decided to play Basket Ball. There we spotted electrical current coming from a metal ladder. As we called the attendant, he said that it’s nothing just a minor current. So we asked him whether the manager was aware of the fact, surprisingly he said in affirmative.”
In such a scenario the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the Vashi Police Department role are being doubted. Are they unaware of the recent happenings, or don’t they want to take action? The pertinent question is – are the mall authorities waiting for any big incidents to occur?
One of electrical expert said, “The problem is – the ladder is not properly grounded and bonded. If it were grounded any electrical charge would be dissipated to the earth or electrical ground of the electrical service powering the devices. All electrical items must be grounded and all its metal parts must be bonded. When metal parts are bonded there remains no chance for any voltage to flow. That they would be of equal voltage potential or zero. The reason behind this may be that either the metal ladder was added later so it could not be properly grounded and bonded, or the electrical connection somehow broke or became loose .The Manager should have tested it to make sure no one would be fatally electrocuted.”
While we tried to contact the management team of Raghuleela Mall, we were informed that the entertainment zone was taken care of by other management. The attendants also informed us that the concerned manager was not available as he was hospitalised.
—Jaspal Singh Naol

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