Trees axed in the name of trimming

It may take years for a plant to grow into a tree but cutting it down takes just a few minutes. One such incident of ‘merciless killing’ of trees occurred on the footpath in front of Radhika Society, Plot -31, Sector 17, Vashi. A spokesperson of the society informs, “There were six huge Ashoka trees on the footpath in front of our building. These trees had reached up to the height of fourth floor and their branches had started entering our houses. We were scared that they might fall down in a storm. Hence there was an urgent need for trimming them. On our request the local corporator sent a team to do the task”.
While the reason proffered by society spokesman is completely valid, but trimming certainly does not mean axing them, argue nature lovers.
Each year the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation spends lakhs of rupees to save trees but in the name of trimming and development a number of trees get axed. When contacted, senior assistant garden officer Bhalchandra Gavli expressed surprise over the matter and visited the spot. After checking out himself, he said, “This work was not done by our department team. Our workers are well trained and very well know how a tree should be trimmed”. He said that action would be taken against the culprits. Through Cityplus Gavli has urged residents to contact Ward Office instead of calling any private party which does not think twice before axing trees for a little money.
Sources reveal that the workers who had axed the trees were in the blue colour uniform of NMMC which is worn by Conservancy workers. These workers undertake such works illegally to make petty cash.

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