Traders allege partiality done by Traffic Police

Sector 17 of Vashi is one of the busiest spots of Navi Mumbai. Known as the Business Development Centre, it attracts lakhs of people coming for some or the other business transaction. But traders here complain of lack of parking space and partiality by the traffic police.
Inderjeet Singh, a trader of Grain Merchant Chamber, informs “This sector has the highest number of shops and the highest number of business transactions. Most of the businessmen or their representatives come here in their cars. But to their dismay, they find no space to park their vehicles. There are many lanes which are allotted to private agencies to operate as Pay and Park lanes. While in a few lanes Traffic Police have put up signboards of ‘No Parking’. However, the lane along Mansarovar Chamber to Grain Merchant Chamber and its opposite lane are used for parking”.
Singh says, “This is where the real problem starts. Traffic police personnel come on round and either tow away vehicles or lock tyres of vehicles parked in front of Grain Merchant Chamber. However, they are never seen taking any action against the vehicles parked in front of Mansarovar Chamber–may be due to there is a McDonalds shop. Such partiality is leading to loss of business for us and profit for a few”.
A traffic official denied this and says, “Any lane which does not have the board of parking is a no parking lane and hence action is taken without any partiality”.
The response has failed to convince grain merchants who have now demanded that either the Traffic Department must allow everyone to park or not allow anyone at all. But the rule must be same for everyone, they say.
— Jaspal Singh Naol


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