Ticket counter wanted at Sanpada East

Sanpada is the one of the oldest nodes developed by City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), but to the dismay of residents it is the most ignored by all authorities including the Railways.
Sanpada has an approximate population of 50,000. Most of the residents work in the biggest industrial belt of Trans Thane Creek, while rest work in Mumbai and the nearby Panvel. Hence nearly 80 per cent of them use railways as mode of transport. On the other hand, Asia’s biggest Agriculture Product Market Complex (APMC) is also here and it brings in lakhs of traders and workers who travel by trains.
Vaishali Thorwe, a resident of Sanpada, informs, “Considering the biggest market space in Sanpada West, the railways had opened ticket counters on that side. While the main residential area developed by CIDCO is in East which the railways are ignoring. With numerous schools and colleges and religious institutions which attract thousands of visitors in this node for some or the other reason. On a daily basis thousands of residents are forced to go from east to west just to get a ticket. It is not just a matter of getting ticket. Instead due to the biggest market, residents are forced to wait for a minimum 15 minutes to get tickets. In morning the situation is more bad as just to buy a single ticket one may have to wait for half an hour. Therefore, it is important that Railways start open a new ticket counter at Sanpada East”.
A railway official informs on condition of anonymity, “CIDCO has already made provision for starting a ticket counter in the East, but what lacks is the supply of man power from Railways”.

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