TIA President takes up Traffic Congestion issue near Foodland Junction

Multiple Industries had escalated problems about severe traffic congestion, faced regularly at Foodland junction (going towards Taloja MIDC), which resulted in large wastage of time and energy of the Industrialists of Taloja MIDC, faced during morning and evening peak hours.

To arrive at a potential resolution, Taloja Industries Association (TIA) President Satish Shetty (Anna) and Secretary General Bidur Bhattacharjee, met Senior Police Inspector, Traffic Police, Kalamboli branch, Nishikant Vishwakar on 20 September 2021.

Following points were discussed at the meeting –

TIA proposed that illegal truck parking’s, to the left and right of Roadpali road, which leads to Foodland junction, should be removed. For initiating this, TIA will take up the subject with senior CIDCO authorities.

TIA requested that Heavy vehicles (HMV) shouldn’t be allowed to operate, between 9am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm, on the roads, which lead to Foodland junction.

TIA requested that Heavy vehicles (HMV) should be told to use only the road lane on the left side, whilst smaller vehicles (LMV) can use the right side.

Kalamboli Traffic Police highlighted to TIA that heavy motor vehicles, who wish to ply to Pune and Panvel side, in order to evade paying Toll at Kamothe Toll Plaza, often take a detour via road leading to Foodland junction. This situation leads to additional traffic congestion at Roadpali/Foodland junction. TIA will be taking up this issue with officials at RTO Kalamboli soon.

Further, TIA requested that the Traffic Police display a board near Purusharth Petrol Pump (at Sion Panvel Highway), which advises heavy vehicles, who wish to travel to Pune and Panvel end, to use the road via Kamothe Toll Plaza only.

Furthermore, Sr PI Vishwakar said they have currently deployed 5 numbers of Traffic Police at the Foodland junction. He requested TIA and its member Industries to avoid reaching Foodland junction, using the wrong side of the CETP flyover road. This unnecessarily creates added traffic problems in the area.

TIA thanked Sr PI Vishwakar, who was very confident, energetic and positive, in suggesting and exploring ways to resolve the problem.  He assured TIA officials of reaching a potential resolution.

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