St Xavier’s High School, Airoli, in coordination with Manshakti, an NGO working for conservation of environment, had recently organised a field trip for the students of class VIII and class IX to visit the mangroves at Palm Beach Road. Students were able to learn the new ethics of environment and they also got to know how to preserve it.Coordinators from Manshakti, Kavita and Sheetal Panchpande with the help of environment teacher coordinator Meena H Babujaya provided lot of information about the importance of mangroves and ill impacts due to destruction of mangroves.

Students were overjoyed to see different varieties of birds. Sonneratia and Avicenna varieties of mangroves captured everyone’s attention. The students also got an opportunity to realise the filth that was around the mangrove vegetation. The idea was to create awareness to motivate the students to keep the environment clean. The natural scenic beauty made them feel good and the educational trip really proved fruitful with lot of information. A documentary was also screened in the school to create more awareness amongst the students.

This was followed by an announcement of a competition and invitation to participate in preparing a project with regards to the Wet Land Day to be observed in the first week of February. Students of class IX, Lavesh Benore, Faisal Shaikh, Brijesh Sharma and Shaif Ballal were amongst those who were well aware of the different types of plants and animals living in an around mangroves. That received a great appreciation from the organising committee and other fellow students.

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