Street lights installed between Taloja CETP to Foodland factory

Sigh of relief for thousands of people working in various Industries at Taloja MIDC Industrial area. Taloja Industries Association (TIA) had connected with senior CIDCO authorities about unavailability of street lights facilities across the 1.25 kilometer road stretch, which runs between Taloja CETP, through Railway Over Bridge, till Foodland factory.  This stretch is used by thousands of employees working directly or indirectly by maximum number of Industries which are functional at Taloja MIDC Industrial area.

In absence of street light facilities, crimes and accidents were often witnessed on this road stretch. Further, Taloja MIDC Police Station, with the help of Taloja Industries Association (TIA), had also installed CCTV cameras across this stretch, in the past. In absence of the Street lights, it was difficult to track criminal cases, as there was no visibility.

Taloja Industries Association (TIA), President, Satish Shetty (Anna) expressed, “We are thankful to the CIDCO team, who understood the gravity of the problem, and got the hot dip galvanized street poles installed. We are happy  that, after the follow-ups by TIA, CIDCO authorities have installed the Street lights across the total road stretch.


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