Small change can bring big difference

A teenager speaks sense, asks government to act accordingly
A Koper Khairane-based teenage social changer has forwarded her humble request through Dainik Jagran Cityplus to the Government–local, state and central. Priya Kashual, 13-year-old girl who studies in Class IX, North Point School has taken the initiative to make her city look more beautiful and worth living.
Don’t be surprised if you here a voice of a kid while you are a motorist and driving without a helmet or you have thrown an empty plastic bottle on the street, or while burning a plastic or creating any nuisance in and around Sectors 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Koper Khairane.
You will be caught and with a sweet little voice you will be asked to wear a helmet, throw the bottle in dustbin and explained the ill impact of burning of plastic. The nearby residents have all learnt from her, however her voice could not reach to the politicians and the bureaucrats.
When politicians have their rally, people who are in support of these politicians tend to take part in it. But while doing so they also harm the city by throwing waste materials of food items on roadside while walking on the streets during procession time. This is not the only nuisance they create, they also pollute air and create sound pollution by bursting crackers, causing traffic jams and sound pollution of the horns of the vehicles stuck in the traffic jams, and the unwanted disturbing (NARAS) slogans, etc.
When asked what inspired her to run behind these people and pick up their waste thrown on the streets and give them back saying to throw it in dustbin, she simply replied that politicians are biggest looters and they don’t follow what they say. So being a responsible citizen, she thinks it’s her duty to awaken people who are still sleeping and tell them to clean the city which belongs to them and not spoil it.
This teenager is here to tell the politicians that whatever they speak should also be put into practice which never happens in reality. Instead, the government must bring in new laws like each and every inspiring political leader must be asked to prove themselves within one year prior to standing for election and on the basis of their work they must be given opportunity.
She further informed “It is to dismay of the residents that the corporation like CIDCO has decided to develop Golf Course at the cost of trees (forest) spread over 50 acres.
She said “If we continue to exploit our resources then a day will come when we will have the opportunity to sit on heaps of money and die because of hunger as all the resources would have got extinct till that time”. So she thus has a humble request for each and every citizen of this country and this world that they must stop cutting down trees and instead start planting them and try to save even a small bit of resource which is available to us as it may prove to be of great help in near future.
Speaking on the usage of road, she said “In country like Singapore there are huge wide roads and half of it are meant for cyclist, fortunately the residents who are either the entrepreneur, senior officials in government as well as private institution, etc are found going to office on bicycle. Such systems must be implemented in India too and as a model in Navi Mumbai. This will ensure the safety of the environment.
When asked about how come she knew all the facts and turned so concerned about society, she gave the whole credit to her father Ajay Kashual who is always moving across the globe and sharing the facts with daughter Priya.

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