FSAI encourage ‘Safe & Secure Ganesh Mandal Awards 2019′ for safety and security of Mumbaikars.

Alarmed by the many fire incidents that have occurred in Mumbai in the past few years, Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI), Mumbai Chapter along with Mumbai Fire Brigade, Mumbai Police and Disaster Management, MCGM had decided to ensure the safety of the devotees in Ganpati Mandals of Mumbai.

Mr. Chintu Asher, President, FSAI informed, “Our objective is to create public awareness about the security risk mitigations from fire and terrorists by bridging relations between the law enforcement agencies, mandal committees, corporate houses and expert security companies. The most well organized, secure, coordinated mandal is judged by an esteemed elite panel of eight to ten independent and impartial judges comprising of Police, Fire officer, Disaster Management officer, Architect, Fire Safety & Security, Risk, etc. subject matter experts.”

Mr. Shahzed Lehry , Secretary, FSAI, added, “During Ganesh Chaturthi Festival in Mumbai, responsibility on safety & security measures increases manifold and protection of such a large number of devotees becomes a challenging task. Keeping this aim towards life safety & security, Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI), Mumbai Chapter with the help of Mumbai Fire Brigade, Disaster Management MCGM & Mumbai Police, instituting India’s only ‘Safe & Secure Ganesh Mandal Awards 2019’from a decade or so in order to sensitize the Sarvajanik Mandal Committees about enhancing the security measures to reduce the risk factors during the festive season. The prevailing environment in the nation has increased the security threat especially during religious festivities and protection of large crowds is a key concern for the society.”

Lehry expressed, “On behalf of FSAI, this event was lead by Mr. Shrreyash Sarmalkar, Mentor, Mumbai Chapter, FSAI right from the pre & post phases of planning, execution to final felicitation program meticulously and seamlessly with able support from Chapter Executive Ms. Urvashi Shirsat.”

Sharing about the FSAI Aim, Asher added, “We encourage a spirit of safe living among all citizens and inculcate a proactive mind-set towards safety and security of human life & property at all times. For the last couple of years around 600 – 900 Ganesh Mandals are registered with FSAI for ‘The Safe & Secure Ganesh Mandals Awards. Last year 2019 these Mandals were registered through a first in class App developed by Nesso. As per set audit parameters total eight mandals shortlisted for the final stage were successfully audited on 9th September 2019 post multiple audit stages by an esteemed panel of ten independent and impartial elite judges.”

Lehry further explained the Jury Member’s Roles as follows:

  1. Audit the mandals on set parameters from security, safety, surviellance perspectives where their subject matter expertise and experience comes into play which is of prime importance.
  1. Check for the most well organized, secure, coordinated mandal.
  2. Guidance on enhancing the security measures to reduce the risk factors during the festive season.
  3. Observe safety & security violations if any.
  4. Observe suspicious activities or movements.
  5. Interview site security guards.
  6. Check for Metal detectors, dog squad, etc.
  7. Check for necessary insurances, etc.
  8. Check for doctors, first aid, medical facility, ambulance & fire tender truck availability at the location.
  9. Check on electrical & mechanical installations.
  10. Suggesting mitigation plans wherever required during the visit.
  11. Views on measures taken by mandals and improvisation for enhancement if required.

Asher informed that the Elite Jury Panel and Expert Committee consisted of

  1. Mr. Atmaram Mishra, Mumbai Fire Brigade
  2. Mr. Dinesh Desai, Mumbai Police
  3. Mr. Rajendra Lokhande, Disaster Management, MCGM.
  4. Architect Shrreyash Sarmalkar
  5. Mr. Abasaheb Kale
  6. Mr. Harshad G Tulsulkar
  7. Mr. Vivek Pai
  8. Mr. Krishnakumar Chavan
  9. Dr. Surendra Rathod
  10. Mr. Rohit Verma

Lehry further extended thanks to Supremax team for supporting team FSAI by gifting Fire Extinguishers to all winning Ganesh Mandals and Jury members.

Andhericha Raja, Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Utsav Samiti Mandal won the First prize,

Mumbai cha Raja, Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal, Ganesh Gulli won the first runner’s-up prize and 

Fort cha Icchapurti Ganesh Mandal won the second runner’s-up prize. 

Asher further shared his Special Thanks to:

1) Mr. Prabhat Rahangdale (DY Commissioner MCGM & Director Maharashtra Fire Services)

2) Mr. Mahesh Narvekar (Advisory MCGM) Disaster Management

3) Mr. Shashikant Kale (Chief Fire Officer, Mumbai Fire Brigade)

4) Mr. H. D. Parab (Deputy Fire Officer, Mumbai Fire Brigade)

5) Mr. Suresh Menon (National President, FSAI)

6) Mr. Jeetu Mahnot (Vicechair, PR-Media, FSAI)

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