Rotary Club, NMMC and Bisleri start “100% Plastic Recycling” movement to make Navi Mumbai plastic free

In a first association of sorts, hundreds of women, children and housing societies have pledged their support to facilitate a “100% Plastic Recycling” drive in Navi Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai: The many damaging effects of plastic and the threat it poses to the environment and people on a whole, is a known fact and the world is tackling it in their individual capacities. Needless to say, plastic harms city eco systems a lot, affecting everyone. Considering such threat, all Navi Mumbai’s Rotary clubs, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) and Bisleri International have formed an environmental alliance of sorts to make ensure 100 recycling of plastic in Navi Mumbai.

Through such association, general awareness and large scale collection and recycling of plastic will be facilitated in Navi Mumbai.

Poonam Lama, President, Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai Bayside, shared her thoughts, “My interaction with the children in my society, through one of the residents, Parul Bharatiya, led to the happy discovery that kids had started collecting used toothpaste tubes inspired by our small talks on recycling of plastic. One of the kids even asked her maid to let her take the empty plastic curd container for her plastic recycling collection. It was a major boost for our morale.”

Lama emphasized that it was such change that was needed in the society.

“This is what can be called real change. Small yet with willingness, conviction and determination. If we can make aware children then we can have an aware future generation,” she added.

As per a study India generates a huge amount of plastic waste every year.

Shreya Sudhir, a representative of Bisleri International, shared, “Studies conducted by Un-Plastic Collective (UPC), reveal that India generates 9.46 million tonnes of plastic waste every year and shockingly, 40 per cent of that amount remains uncollected, while 43 per cent gets used for packaging, meant for single-use.”

Shreya emphasises on the need for active participation on a grass root level.

“There has to be willing and active participation of people, especially general people, on a voluntary basis. The citizens should take such initiatives at community level and move towards a pollution free world.”

Bisleri International has initiated an awareness programme for the citizens to curb the plastic menace.

“We, at Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., have initiated “Bottles for Change” a programme which focuses on creating awareness amongst citizens about waste segregation, recycling of plastic bottles and best practices towards a cleaner environment. Through such, we conduct plastic recycling awareness and collection drives in schools, colleges, corporate offices, malls, festive & social gatherings, events, etc.,” Shreya added.

The NMMC is also very positive about the impact that the campaign will have on a long term basis.

Balasaheb Rajale, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Solid Waste Management, NMMC, expressed, “The NMMC Commissioner Abhijeet Bangar and Additional Commissioner Sujata Dole have been engaging with the citizens of Navi Mumbai and collaborating on many fronts to make Navi Mumbai Number the ‘Number One” city in the upcoming Swachh Survekshan.”

“We have been actively promoting the Swachh Survekshan Navi Mumbai 2021 campaign, under the slogan ‘Nischay Kela Number Pahila’ and ‘Cleaner Today – Better Tomorrow’. We are assured that the initiatives by Rotary Club and Bislery International will have a great impact on the entire campaign, and will help Navi Mumbai emerge as the best city in the country.”

The joint drive by Rotarians is also being dubbed as a movement of sorts.

Rajendra Sonavane, Chief Sanitation Officer of NMMC expressed, “Like the Swachh Navi Mumbai Mission Movement, wherein citizens of Navi Mumbai have been participating actively, the joint initiative of the Rotary Club, women and children of the city, with the active involvement of housing societies, is nothing less than a movement to rid the city of plastic. We support and are a part of this movement to recycle plastic in the city.”

Hundreds of citizens of Navi Mumbai, including children, have pledged their active support to the “100% Plastic Recycling” in the city.

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