Roadside tree falls on car, creates scare

On a hot afternoon around 2 pm a tree came crashing down on a car parked at the corner of Gagangiri Society B wing, Plot-47, Sector-17, Vashi.
As the incident near main market where people come to shop in evenings, shopkeepers in the area were shaken. Mahaveer Bhai, shopkeeper and resident of Sector-17 Vashi says, “Though it is shocking that the tree fell but the reason behind it is simple. Roadside trees are never watered. How can then they have the strength to stay alive?”
A commuter present at the site says, “Trees that grow on the footpaths do not get enough water and also no proper space to grow. Fortunately, no one was sitting in the car at that time. NMMC must wake up and start taking care of roadside trees, which are the only sources of oxygen and relieve us from harsh sun and rising pollution”.

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