Road work brings cheer for some, headache for others

Residents are happy over the pre-monsoon completion of redevelopment and concretization work of the road from Shivaji Chowk to Arenja Corner in Vashi.
The work had created chaos for around three months as the road was turned into one-way. Hence buses and four wheelers coming from Turbhe to Vashi bus depot were diverted from Palm Beach road towards Mahatma Phule Hall to Abhyudaya Bank to Vashi bus depot and later vice-versa was done. Both the situations resulted into traffic jams.
School and college-going students had used to be put to grave risk while crossing the busy Palm Beach road. Resident of Sector-15 Vijay Walunj has a suggestion to make. “The road along the stretch is used as parking area and in the midst of this parking area is the ‘bus way’ created for passengers to board and alight the buses. Unfortunately as vehicles started entering into the parking slot through the bus way, public transport buses stopped entering the bus way. Thus commuters had to stand in the middle of the road risking their lives. Moreover, two and four-wheelers had to directly enter from the perpendicular road coming from Sector -17, thus raising chances of accidents. NMMC, NMMT and Traffic Police must come hand in hand and create a no-entry from this point for all private vehicles”.
However, people working in Koper Khairane are still not too happy. Kaushal Malhotra, employee of a Koper Khairane-based company says, “At the time when this road stretch was taken for redevelopment, at the same time work on the stretch along Kalash Udyan of Koper Khairane was also initiated. Unfortunately, this work has not completed yet, thus creating chaos and traffic jams all over”.

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