* Jan Sansad Calls for Renewed Struggle to Achieve Azadi from Corruption
* No More SRA in Mumbai Bastis and Slums
* A massive Jan Chetawani on March 22nd to be Held in Mumbai

MUMBAI, MARCH 5 : The Jan Sansad after two days of deliberations today
ended with the call for Azadi. Emphasising on the fact that the
political independence in 1947 was not for everyone, social and
economic freedom still eludes the vast majority of Indians who are
becoming poorer still, while the influence of corporate power on all
aspects of life only grows and governments act as the subsidiaries of
big money. Swami Agnivesh called for the sustained fight of the people
to the finish against the political, social and economic corruption
plaguing the society. Jan Sansad resolved in its commitment to the
bringing of the Lokpal Bill, Jan Bhagidari Bill and Development
Planning Act which will pave the way for greater political
participation of the aam aadmi.
Two days of deliberations focused on the denial of fundamental rights
to the basti dwellers and working population of a megapolis, Mumbai.
The long-standing slum dwellers’ lawful demands of right to land,
shelter, water, food, health and education have not merely been
neglected by successive governments but in the name of development,
have been subordinated to corporate growth through criminal collusion
with builders and land mafia. The SRA scheme is a scheme to take over
the land of the people in Basti and Jan Sansad resolved to fight it
and not allow any of these schemes to take over their land. The Rajiv
Gandhi Awas Yojana offers some hope but no attempt at fraud will be
tolerated by the state authorities in the name of slum development.
The cut off mark of 1995 is completely arbitrary and the Jan Sansad
refused to accept such distinction and oppose it tooth and nail.

Jan Sansad has called for a massive rally, Jan Chetavani Morcha, in
Mumbai on March 22nd where lakhs of people from all the Bastis in
Mumbai would gather and challenge the authroity of the State to take
over their houses and land. The fire in Bandra enraged the thousands
who gathered at the Jan Sansad and resolved to not allow the builders
and political parties to take control of their houses and land and
sell their water, electricity and others to private companies and

The struggle to establish equity in supply of basic services like
housing, water, electricity, education and health to all the citizens
in a city was reiterated. Medha Patkar alleged that likes of Ambani,
who consume more than their adequate share alone are real hoarders and
criminals today. The Slums are not criminals and corrupt; it is the
Shivalik Ventures, Hiranandani and other builders and politicians are
real culprits and criminals. Jan Saansads at the Jan Sansad resolved
that everybody has a equal right to the resources in the city and it
has to be won and fought for. The JNNURM scheme, which brings in huge
World Bank funds is not only used to destroy the homes of the slum
dwellers and deny resources to them but also forms the source for
corruption and generation of black money that funds elections at all

Jan Sansad associate NAPM and Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan resolved
to hold morchas all over the Mumbai city and stop any demolition. In
coming months Jan Sansad will hold agitations all over the country in
different cities and go on to seek people’s participation in the
democratic planning of resources of cities.

Jan Sansad resolved to hold peace and justice marches in states of
Jhakhand, Orissa and Maharashtra tribal regions in April, May and June
respectively. To bring together the movements against the slum
demolitions in coastal cities, against the numerous thermal power
plants and atrocities on fish workers, Jan Sansad will organise
coastal marches and agitations from May onwards. It also decided to
extend support to the ongoing democratic movements across the country
and those in Arab World and Latin America. It also said the Indian
military can’t be used anywhere in the world to suppress these
democratic movements and opposed the use of state’s military and
police for repression on the people’s movements in the country.

It ended with a public meeting in Mandala – Mankhurd where they
decared it as a liberated zone from oppression, from exploitation and
any evictions and demolitions and resolved to fight for its existence.

The Jan Sansad was organised on March 4th and 5th, 2011 at Aangan
Lawns, Deonar, Mumbai, by National Alliance of People’s Movements
(NAPM) and Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan. The event was attended on
both days by over 1,200 people from several slums of Mumbai, more than
half of them being women, who marched to the venue, besides people
from nearly 15 states of India. A sabhapati mandal consisting of
leaders of movements, activists and people of social standing from
various parts of India presided. Prominent among them were retired
Judges Rajendra Sachar and H.Suresh, Swami Agnivesh, B D Sharma, Vidya
Bal, Gabriele Dietrich, Banwarilal Sharme, Bhai Vaidya and Medha

Madhuresh Kumar, Gautam Bandopahdyay, Vivekanand Mathne for Jan Sansad
Simpreet Singh, Vivek Pandit, Suniti S R, Medha Patkar (Contact
9969530060 / 9818905316)

National Alliance of People’s Movements; National Office: Room No.
29-30, 1st floor, ‘A’ Wing, Haji Habib Bldg, Naigaon Cross Road, Dadar
(E), Mumbai – 400 014;
Ph: 022-24150529
E-mail: napmindia@gmail.com

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