Residents want FOB or ROB on ‘road of death’

The mega Mumbai – Goa express highway is the only link connecting Vashi to Mumbai. Residents of sectors 6, 7 and 8, Vashi and Vashi village are major users of this road which they call the ‘road of death’. Vehicles zipping past here are to blame for a number of accidents on this road. Many lives have been lost and many have been rendered handicapped. Although there is an underpass here for pedestrians but it is hardly used.
When enquired what steps have been taken by Corporation for safety of residents, a concerned official says, “We are in talks with Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority to develop an Over Bridge for speedy vehicles to ease the way for pedestrians. However it’s a very time consuming procedure”.
It may be recalled that more than a year back standing committee chairman Sandeep Naik had organised a special press meet in NMMC headquarters and announced that Navi Mumbai would get five skywalks. One of them will come up here to be utilized as welcome gate as well as a foot overbridge for pedestrians. Even the designs of skywalks were made and shown to scribes by a UK-based consultancy company. But it has been more than a year since then and there is no sign of the development.
When enquired about the present scenario, an official of NMMC informs, “We are not aware of any development in the said project. Instead we have taken up development of a foot overbridge at Airoli”.
Now that the Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik has also become an MLA, there is a ray of hope that if not Skywalk then either an FOB or a road overbridge will be developed to bypass the ‘road to death’.

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