Residents` ultimatum to NMMC on delayed work

Numerous civic works have been initiated by NMMC in Vashi and Koper Khairane. The Corporation has given permission to various agencies to initiate works for providing basic services like water, gas connection, telephone lines, relaying of sewerage lines etc.
While such works are always welcome but if they are left incomplete or delayed, the inconvenience or rather the headache is to be borne by residents. It is the same case with residents of JN- IV type Apartment Owners’ Association (building 1 to 8) in front of Sai Nath High School, sector -9, Vashi. Secretary of the society T N Ganpathy complains, ” It has been more than two months that the work had been initiated in front of our society. Due to delay in its completion water remains stagnant here. Residents are falling ill due to mosquito-borne diseases”.
President V N Ahire adds, “The corporation spends lakhs of rupees on spreading awareness about not keeping stagnant water to prevent water-borne diseases, but unfortunately on its own part the corporation is oblivious of such shoddy work. Also, it is not so that we have not approached civic authorities or the contractor, but all efforts have gone in vain”.
“Thousands of children study in the school located opposite our society. These children also face a serious health hazard. If the corporation keeps ignoring the contractor’s negligence, then residents will have to take the matter in their hands. We will fill up the drain with mud and will not allow any further work to be undertaken,” says Ahire.
“This is our last call to authorities. Either they take action within 48 hours or we will do the same,” he adds.

—Jaspal Singh Naol

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