The residents of sector 29 allege that due to the lack of playgrounds, the children of the vicinity are going physically weak. Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation must take this seriously and act accordingly at the earliest.
Social worker and senior citizen of Sector 29, Kesar Singh says, “The development of every child and youth is directly and indirectly dependent on the physical exercise. When children go out and play outdoor games in the playground, they stay fit. This also helps them to increase their stamina and their physical status.”
Unfortunately in the whole sector 29 vicinity, not a single playground is available for the kids to go out and play. Thus, these children and youth are found usually involving themself in online games or computer games. These games are mostly violence oriented games, thus escalating the violent nature in the kids and youth. The only alternative for these children is to involve them in physical games like, football, cricket, volley ball, etc.
It is really disappointing to find that, although there is one school playground available in Gold Crest High but that is of no use. As the School is under construction, children are not allowed to enter in and play in their ground. Looking into the safety point of view of the children, since the school authorities are not letting them in, it is the responsibility of the NMMC to provide an alternative ground to these kids to ensure overall development for them.
“We the senior citizens have already earmarked a spot, where these kids can play physical games. There is an empty space available of Pump House. If the said space is allotted to the kids, this will be a big sigh of relief for the children and youth, who are being barred from any sort of natural development,” says Singh. “On behalf of the children and youth of Sector 29, we the senior citizens have approached our local Corporator Sunanda Raut, MLA Sandeep Naik as well as the administrating department. We hope that our cry for a playground will be soon heard.”

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