Pirated CDs being sold openly

Sale of pirated Compact Discs (CDs) is rising day by day and causing loss of crores of rupees on a daily basis to Indian Government as well as the film industry.
But still the business is being run openly on streets of the city and the social service branch of Navi Mumbai Police is keeping mum. Social worker Riyaz Shaikh informs, “Near the Nerul railway station on the east side towards MTNL building, two sellers of pirated CDs are openly doing business. They have chosen a prime spot to run their business as lakhs of Nerul residents pass by the area and find it convenient to purchase the CDs”.
Shaikh adds, “The location is hardly 50 metres away from Municipal Commissioner’s bungalow and Nerul Police Station and one can always find one or two police officials deputed at this corner”. Hyder Ali, Director of Maharashtra Enforcement, a private detective firm informs, “Today, the business of pirated CDs is booming and it has international links. Hence local police is wary of taking action. However it is not only the duty of social service department of Navi Mumbai Police to take action against such criminals, but it is also the duty of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation to seize all the goods being hawked illegally”.

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