Panel on fee hike issue a sham: PTA

In the light of demand by Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) regarding implementation of the Government Resolution dated 15 July, 2010, the Deputy Director of Education has appointed a committee which will visit schools and formulate a fee structure on the basis of No Profit No Loss. The PTA has however claimed that the committee formed has no experience and hence there are more chances of exploitation of parents, students as well as teachers.
Anuj Kumar Pandey, secretary of All India Federation of Parents and Teachers Association (AIFPTA) says, “In Navi Mumbai 90 per cent of schools have exorbitantly increased fees by 50 to 120 per cent, even when the Government Resolution states that the increase must be on the basis of No Profit No Loss. It is also a contempt of the High Court order. Such practices are being opposed by AIFPTA for many years and it is also fighting for bringing in transparency in the implementation of fee structure. On 15 July and August 24, 2010 two GRs were passed one of which mentioned the formation of a committee to visit schools. Unfortunately, no consultation was done with parents or PTA at the time of formation of the committee. And hence there is the possibility of parents getting exploited by vested interests”.
Pandey adds, “We therefore demand that the committee must have members who are fighting for the rights of parents, teachers and students and not just any representatives who later turn out to be in collusion with school managements”.
Rohit Malhotra a parent says, “It is very clear that the government is not serious about implementing the GR. During one of the hearings in HC the Government Representative said that GR was only a suggestion and not compulsory for schools to follow. It is very clear that since big names are involved in education, the government is not ready to do much. I also disagree with this concept of aided vs. unaided. All schools are aided because they get land at concessional rates. They don’t pay taxes and they pay electricity at residential rates etc. They cannot be allowed to make disproportionate profit”.
Following are the members of newly-formed committee:
1. Sunil R Chauhan, Deputy Director of Education- President/Chairperson
2. Pritesh Joshi- Member, M/s Joshi & Company, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Mobile No. 9869033062
3. Still vacant
4. Chandnekar Kaustubh – Parent as member, Ghatkopar, Mob. 9821323304
5. Lala Saheb Vittal Patil (NGO)- Member, Mobile No. 9892431434/24455969
6. S.G. Chitale, Bhawance College, Andheri (W) as Member, Mobile No. 9702789111
7. A G Sankhe, Accounts Officer – as member, o/o Dy. Dir of Education, 9222463920


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