Open feeder boxes still continue to pose threat

The threat posed by open feeder boxes continues to persist. The latest complaint in this regard has come from Sectors 12, 28 and 29, where people like Bollywood singer Shankar Mahadevan reside.
A resident says, “Open DP boxes are the biggest threat to our little children, who are unaware of the danger posed by them and are often found playing in their vicinity”. “MSEDC authorities had falsely claimed that such pillars have been painted and they have never even thought of paying a visit here to see for themselves, fumes corporator Sunanda Raut.
Raut adds, “I am again going to raise the issue in the general body and demand the NMMC administration department to take appropriate steps as this danger is faced by the residents living in NMMC zone”.
Mohan Sukhankar of Sector-28 says, “During summer, MSEDC had dug up the footpath in front of Noopur Apartments (plot-225) but thereafter it was not refilled. All through monsoon we were not able to use the footpath as it used to get filled with water and the threat of short circuit and power failure used to keep us away”.
G V Rao, Head of Electrical Department, NMMC informs, “MSEDC is a government body and hence we do not have any power to give them any order. What we can do is just request them. This is what we had done prior to monsoon and as demanded by the people we will again approach them”.
“Around two months back MLA Sandeep Naik had demanded MSEDC to form local committees to solve the problem at grassroots level, but till date no step has been taken by the latter. It is unacceptable on the part of MSEDC that they are ignoring the voice of not only local public, but also the local government and the MLA who is a representative of people at state level”.
— Jaspal Singh Naol

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