Uncovered drains are nothing new in Vashi. But when open drains are on the bus stand, it invites for more troubles. An open drain at the bus stand of St Lawence High School is dangerous for the commuters and as well as for the students. Commuters allege that due to non usage of the bus way, it’s becoming more fatal.

Social Worker Harpal Singh says, “I am a regular commuter from Kharghar to Koper Khairane and vice versa to coordinate with street children and youth of Navi Mumbai. Open drains in the city are no new threat, however, it differs in degrees. One of the most dangerous spots is the open drain at the bus stand of St Lawence High School. This is the drain on the footpath made between bus way and the divider. This footpath is used by thousand of students of St Lawrence High School and K B P College and also by thousands of visitor coming to Sector 17 for some or the other commercial reasons. But ironically, the open drain at this stop welcomes them.” Social worker and a resident of Sector 16, Vijay Walunj added, “The real fact is the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) had developed the bus way long time ago by dividing the road with the footpath. The buses of NMMT and BEST have to enter this way for the commuters. This was made to ensure safety of thousands of students using the bus on regular basis. But, unfortunately NMMT and BEST bus never enter that ways, instead they halt near this footpath to move away. This has created a big threat to the commuters who are forced to stand on the footpath waiting for the buses.”This is the same footpath with open drain, students and commuter usually turn victim of it and many times, they fall while moving to the road to catch up a bus. The only way out is the immediate action of NMMC, NMMT and BEST administration department and the traffic department.Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport Manager GC Mangale said, “I will send my juniors to cross check the matter. For the safety of the students, we will take some immediate actions and ensure that the buses follow the bus way.” The NMMC must close the open drain. The NMMT and BEST administration department and the traffic department must ensure that the buses enter and use bus way to ensure the safety of the commuters.—Jaspal Singh naol

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