On Palm Beach Road, pray for your life as speeding vehicles whiz past

Palm Beach Road of Navi Mumbai is said to be the busiest road of
the city. It has huge malls that attract shoppers and visitors but lack of proper traffic management puts their lives at risk.
Palm Beach road starts from CBD and ends at Ghansoli. This is the only road used as a shortcut and an alternative to the main Thane-Belapur road. This is what brings in speeding vehicles, from bikers to motorists who are restricted to enter certain points.
Along the same road two huge malls and a star hotel are located. Families of thousands of residents and visitors from all over Navi Mumbai visit these places for shopping, watching movie or for eating out.
But to their utter shock such a huge stretch hardly has any turn or a road cut to reach the malls. A U turn is definitely there but most visitors find it too bothersome to take it and this is where the problems start. Most of them start entering from the wrong side of the road. Even auto-rickshaw drivers don’t hesitate in taking the short-cut.
Unfortunately, given the fact that the spot is such a busy one there is not even a single traffic constable deployed here. Moreover, no other arrangements like speed breakers or signals have been made by the Traffic department. This leads to small accidents on a routine basis, risking the lives of hundreds.
When contacted, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, S Dhivare says, “We have forwarded more than 200 proposals to Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, but unfortunately not a single one has been okayed. This ties our hands in controlling the traffic chaos”.
It may be noted that from January 2009 to July 2009 Palm Beach Road had witnessed 36 accidents and claimed six lives.

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