The residents of Kharghar have accused the CIDCO of giving incomplete information on inadequate water supply and unnecessarily harassing them.Recently, CIDCO announ-ced that there will be no water on January 3 due to some technical work. The residents therefore kept stock for one day.
But the next day, the water flow was so less that they could not fill the societies’ common water tank even to the quarter mark. Somehow, the residents managed on the second day.But things started turning worse on January 5.Sarita Malhotra, a resident of Omkar Society in Sector 21, alleged, “It is really an unaccepted fact that the CIDCO never gives a clear picture of the water shortage. If the problem was going to continue for a few more days, then they should have informed the residents.”
Vartika Mahipal, a resident of Sector 12, added, “If shutdowns are needed, they must be just for a few hours and for a few days. Water is an essential part of our life. We were not aware of the fact that the problem will continue in such a manner. We do not have even drinking water.”
Another resident Pranjali D of Sector 19 said, “This is really an unorganised way of working where the residents are victims. We had to order food as there was no water even for cooking.”
V Kamble, an officer of CIDCO’s water department, said, “We have officially announced the shutdown, but the work did not complete on time. However, we have released water to avoid inconvenience to the residents.”

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